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101 Sugi 25: Proc Freq: It's More Than Counts - Sas
Paper 69-25 PROC FREQ: It’s More Than Counts Richard Severino, The Queen’s Medical Center, Honolulu, HI ABSTRACT The FREQ procedure can be used for more than just ...

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102 263-30: Proc Freq And Proc Means: To Stat Or Not To Stat - Sas
Paper Number 263-30 PROC FREQ and MEANS – to Stat or not to Stat Marge Scerbo, CHPDM/UMBC Mic Lajiness, Eli Lilly and Company Abstract Procs FREQ and MEANS have ...

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103 A.1 Sas Examples - Stat.ufl.edu - University Of Florida
A.1 SAS EXAMPLES SAS is general-purpose software for a wide variety of statistical analyses. The main procedures (PROCs) for categorical data analyses are FREQ ...

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104 Mantel-haenszel 法により調整したリスク差の 信頼区間に関する一 …
要旨 Mantel-Haenszel 法により調整したリスク差に関する以下の 信頼区間の算出方法を紹介し、各信頼区間の被覆確率を

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105 Sas/stat 9.2 User's Guide: The Logistic Procedure (book ...
SAS/STAT ® 9.2 User’s Guide The LOGISTIC Procedure (Book Excerpt) SAS® Documentation

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106 Measuring Properties Of Piezoelectric Ceramics - Pzt
BULL.:SP-011 Measuring Properties of Piezoelectric Ceramics SPARKLER CERAMICS PVT. LTD. J - 508, MIDC, BHOSARI, PUNE - 411 026. INDIA.

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107 Allan Variance Analysis On Error Characters Of Low- …
3. Allan D. W., Barnes J. A., “A modified “Allan Variance” with increased oscillator characterization ability”, in Proc. 35th Annu. Freq. Control Symp.,

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108 Abbreviations Used In Airway Manual Definitions
46 INTRODUCTION 19 MAR 10 ABBREVIATIONS USED IN AIRWAY MANUAL PRM Precision Radar Monitor P-RNAV Precision RNAV PROC Procedure PROP Propeller Aircraft

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