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1 263-30: Proc Freq And Proc Means: To Stat Or Not To Stat
Paper Number 263-30 PROC FREQ and MEANS – to Stat or not to Stat Marge Scerbo, CHPDM/UMBC Mic Lajiness, Eli Lilly and Company Abstract Procs FREQ …

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2 Sugi 25: Proc Freq: It's More Than Counts - Sas
Paper 69-25 PROC FREQ: It’s More Than Counts Richard Severino, The Queen’s Medical Center, Honolulu, HI ABSTRACT The FREQ …

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3 089-2011: “repo” Your Missing Data Using Proc Report
1 Paper 089-2011 “Repo” Your Missing Data Using PROC REPORT Ethan Miller, SRI International, Menlo Park, Ca ABSTRACT PROC REPORT is a great procedure for ...

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4 Basic Concepts #6: Introduction To Report Writing
Use of Byline Information in Title Lines PROC Report PROC Means PROC Freq Basic Concepts #6: Introduction to Report Writing Using By-line, PROC Report, PROC …

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5 Using The Compute Block In Proc Report
1 Using the COMPUTE Block in PROC REPORT Jack Hamilton, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan, Oakland, California ABSTRACT COMPUTE blocks add a great deal of power to PROC ...

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6 088-2011: Taking Proc Summary A Step Beyond
Paper 088-2011 Taking the Proc Summary a Step Beyond Priya Suresh, RTI International, RTP, NC ABSTRACT Proc Summary …

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7 194-31: The Enigma Of Survey Data Analysis: …
1 Paper 194-31 The Enigma of Survey Data Analysis: Comparison of SAS® Survey Procedures and SUDAAN Procedures Katherine L. …

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8 Advanced Subqueries In Proc Sql - Welcome To …
1 Advanced Subqueries In PROC SQL Steve First 2997 Yarmouth Greenway Drive, Madison, WI 53711 Phone: (608) 278-9964 • Web: www.sys-seminar.com

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9 Working With The Summary Procedure: An Introduction
Working with the SUMMARY Procedure: An Introduction John S. Boyden Viking Freight System, Inc. Abstract The PROC SUMMARY procedure allows the user

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10 Sas Formats Sas Informats - Theprogrammerscabin.com
SAS® Cheat Sheet SAS Procedures PROC COMPARE <BASE= dset > <COMPARE= dset >; BY variable(s); ID variable(s); VAR variable(s); PROC DATASETS <LIBRARY=

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11 Using Eg Effectively - Stratia
Implicit Pass-Through libname mitddata teradata user=&user pass= "&pass" server=&server sql_functions=all; proc freq data = mitddata.BM_D_Segment;

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