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1 Oracle Database Notes For Professionals - Goalkicker.com
Section 22.1: Use a collection as a return type for a split function ... In Oracle's flavor of SQL, "dual is just a convienence table".

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2 Oracle Forms Developer - Oracle Help Center
Oracle Forms Developer Form Builder Reference, Volume 1 Release 6i January, 2000 Part No: A73074-01

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3 Twenty Pl/sql - Bienvenido
ECO '96 Real World Client/Server www.oracle-users.com TOP TWENTY PL/SQL TIPS AND TECHNIQUES STEVEN FEUERSTEIN ... grammar of a function name should be a noun:

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4 Le Langage Sql Introduction - Miage.ups-tlse.fr
Michel Tuffery 4 Caractéristiques de la norme SQL • Oracle et IBM participent activement au sein du groupe ANSI • SQL92 défini quatre niveaux : Entry, Transitional

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5 Peoplesoft Split Utility - Peopletechgroup.com
PeopleSoft Split Utility Split analysis and development activities have continued to become increasingly automated, saving time and money while lowering risk.

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6 Sql Statistical Functions - Oracle
SQL Statistical Functions Charlie Berger, MS Engineering, ... Copyright © 2014 Oracle and/or its affiliates. ... Split Lot A/B Offer testing

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7 Data Guard Maximum Availability - Oracle.com
1 | DATA GUARD MAXIMUM AVAILABILITY, OUTAGE / RESOLUTION MATRIX FOR ZERO DATA LOSS PROTECTION Introduction This Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture whitepaper ...

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8 Best Practices Of Mapping On Sterling B2b Integrator Map ...
Best Practices of Mapping on Sterling B2B Integrator ... − A 32-bit Java Runtime Environment from Oracle or IBM is ... Use the Split function when you need ...

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9 Oracle Spatial Partitioning: Best Practices
Range Partitioning in Oracle ... Merge and split partitions to consolidate or further break apart partitions Exchange partitions with tables

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10 ) On Extended Distance Clusters With Emc Vplex Metro
Oracle RAC on Extended Distance Clusters with EMC ... underlying physical arrays provide this function. ... Oracle RAC on Extended Distance Clusters with EMC VPLEX ...

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11 To Char Function With Dates - Başkent Üniversitesi
TO_CHAR Function with Dates ... Oracle to_date function The oracle TO_DATE function converts a string in a specified format to an Oracle date format. Syntax

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12 Your Database Can Do Complex String Manipulation Too!
Your Database Can Do Complex String Manipulation Too! ... Your Database Can Do Complex String Manipulation Too!, ... split delimited values into rows STRTOK ...

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13 Sugi 25: The Sas Substr Function - A Beginner's Tutorial
Paper 88-25 The SAS SUBSTR Function –A Beginner’s Tutorial Paul D. McDonald, SPIKEware, Inc., Schaumburg, IL ABSTRACT This paper is written for SAS Users and SAS ...

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14 Chapter 1 Character Functions - Sas
Chapter 1 Character Functions ... function, since the length of REP is determined in the compile stage and since the number of repetitions could vary, ...

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15 Introduction To Character String Functions - Lex Jansen
Introduction to Character String Functions ... When creating a new variable using a character function, a good strategy is to assign a LENGTH statement to avoid

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