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1 Localhost:1947/ Int /diagnostics - Gemalto
Title: localhost:1947/_int_/diagnostics.html Author: otis Created Date: 3/14/2017 1:22:16 PM

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2 Localhost:1947/ Int /diagnostics
Title: localhost:1947/_int_/diagnostics.html Author: otis Created Date: 3/14/2017 1:25:00 PM

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3 License Server Configuration - Rocscience
Note that port 1947 cannot be changed and it is essential that it is not blocked for communication between server and clients. The default settings for the license server should make it accessible to all client computers on the network,

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4 Installing And Configuring A Network Dongle
Application Note – 06/18 Network license (net) │1│ Installing and Configuring a Network Dongle Using a network dongle is a very flexible way of managing ArtemiS SUITE licenses.

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5 Sentinel Hasp-sl Network Licensing
Sentinal HASP-SL License Detaching 2 ADAPT v2011 and v2012 programs have licensing capability to detach a network license (or feature programmed on a license) and bound this to …

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6 How To Install Newton Basic/professional - Ac-tek
Advanced Conveyor Technologies, Inc. 19415 594th Ave - Mankato, MN 56001 - U.S.A. Phone: 507-345-5748 e-mail: info actek.com How to Install Newton Basic/Professional

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7 Network/floating License Installation Instructions
Open port 1947 in the firewall(s), XP and Vista The communication between the client PCs and server is routed through port 1947. Your Windows Firewall should be open to port 1947, TCP and UDP.

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8 Hasp 関連のトラブルシューティング - Sato.co.jp
② 「アクティブな接続」が表示されたら、ローカルアドレスが「」の列を探し、 PID の列に表示されている番号を確認します。 (以下の例では、PIDは「2848」)

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9 Conval Licensing- Sentinel Keys
SENTINEL LICENSE KEY ISSUES 2. SEP. 2015 Sentinel License Key Issues (en).doc PAGE 1 CONVAL LICENSING- SENTINEL KEYS CONVAL can be used in conjunction with a license key only.

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10 Problem 1: You Are Connected To Business Studio And You ...
4) Before login to the BS, press on “Options”, change the Server Address into “localhost”, verify that the port is defined as per above CLIENT_PORT value, try to login. 5) In order to check whether the CLIENT_PORT is occupied by the BS, follow the next steps:

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11 Flow Cytometry Analysis Software - Inserm
localhost:1947. Setting-Up Computers Using a Network License Key Prior to setting up user computers on a network lic ense, you must set up the host computer. Follow the instructions in CHAPTER 1, Setting-Up a Computer Using a Single License Key, to complete host computer setup. To connect network computers to the host computer: 1 Install Kaluza on all computers that need to run Kaluza. 2 …

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12 Chief Architect X4 Academic Deployment Guide
1 Chief Architect X4 Academic Deployment Guide September, 2012 Thank you for choosing Chief Architect X4 as an instructional tool for your school.

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13 Intergraph Cas Software Licensing Troubleshooting For A ...
ICAS January 2011 Page 2 Troubleshooting for a Network Red Key: Intergraph CAS networks keys are red in color and are attached to a computer (server) on the network.

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14 Troubleshooting Aladdin Hasp Srm Key - Zendesk
4. Check that there aren't any applications that use HASP registered port (Port 1947). If you find such a program, disable it and run the HASP application again

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15 Sentinel Key Troubleshooting For Jmatpro®-140724
INSTALLATION’CASES’ ’ Case’1:’JMatPro’isinstalled’and’used’on’a’single’computer’on’which’the’dongle’ ispresent.’

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