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1 Past Simple: Regular And Irregular Verbs.
Past simple: regular and irregular verbs. Exercises A. Complete the sentences. Ejemplo: I didn´t watch TV last night. 1. On Saturday I _____ (play) computer games with

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2 Past Simple/used To/would - Blog De Cristina
PAST SIMPLE/USED TO/WOULD TO EXPRESS PAST HABITS/ROUTINES • Simple Past= Used to -What did people use(d) to do in the evenings before TV? -What did people do in the evening before TV?

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3 Past Simple Tense Exercises - Osboskovic.edu.rs
Past Simple Tense Exercises 1) Complete the sentences with the SIMPLE PAST of the verbs in parentheses: a) They _____ (watch) TV last night.

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4 Teoría Pasado Simple - English-area.com
www.english-area.com Los mejores recursos gratuitos para aprender y enseñar inglés Pasado Simple Uso: el pasado simple se utiliza normalmente para referirnos a hechos que sucedieron en

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5 Past Tense Simple Or Progressive: Fill In The Correct Form
TENSES T 15 Past Tense – Simple or Progressive: Fill in the correct form 1. I saw Sue in town yesterday, but she didn’t see me. She was looking the other way.

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6 Reported Statements - Past Simple
© 2008 www.perfect-english-grammar.com May be freely copied for personal or classroom use. www.perfect-english-grammar.com Reported Statements: Past Simple

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7 The Present Perfect Or The Past Simple Exercise At Auto ...
www.autoenglish.org Written by Bob Wilson ©Robert Clifford McNair Wilson 2008 The Past Simple or The Present Perfect Exercise

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8 Tenses: Simple Present And Simple Past - Pearson Education
77 Simple Present Tense Read these sentences. • He comes to school by bus. (regular action) • She likes ice cream. • Janaki dances gracefully.

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9 Grammar Videos: The Past Simple Irregular Verbs
Present Past Simple Present Past Simple sell sold send sent set set shut shut sing sang sit sat sleep slept speak spoke spend spent stand stood

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10 F R E E F 14 Present Perfect Or Past Simple? (1)
PAGE 32 • VERBS We’ve won the Cup! It’s ours at last! 14 Present Perfect or Past Simple? (1) We use the Past Simple (not the Present Perfect) to talk about times in the past such as yesterday, last week,

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11 Past Perfect Tense - English For Everyone
now A time in the past An earlier time in the past 2) It is cold. _____ Directions: Now make your own sentences in the past perfect simple tense.

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12 Infinitive Past Simple Past Participle Translation
Таблица неправильных глаголов Infinitive Past Simple Past Participle Translation be [bi:] was [wɔz] / were [wɜ:] been [bi:n] быть, находиться

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13 Past Simple Vs Progressive - Pdf - English On The Web
Title: English on the Web Author: Hans-Jürgen Martin Subject: Past Tense: simple vs progressive, exercises Created Date: 10/5/2006 7:59:49 PM

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14 New Inspiration 3 Grammar Extra! Worksheet 2
This page has been downloaded from www.macmillanenglish.com/inspiration © Macmillan Publishers Limited 2012. This sheet may be photocopied and used within the class. 3

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15 How To Play The This Board Game. - Esl Games World
Board Game Roll the dice and move your chip according to the number on the dice. The monkey loves you. The croc hates you. Designed by ESL Kids Lab – www.eslkidslab.com or www.english-4kids.com

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16 Sexercexerciisee 1144
RR eaaddThheoorryy..OOrrgg © 2 01 E n glishFF o rEv ey .O © 22000088 Name_____ Date_____ sExercExerciisee 1144 Review of the Simple Past Tense

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17 5. Past Progressive - Estrella Mountain Community College
Past Progressive Vs. Simple Past – Practice Directions: Complete the following sentences using the correct form (past progressive or simple past) of

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18 Application For Employment
Professional Home Health Care, Inc. APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT An Equal Opportunity Employer We do not discriminate on the basis of age over 40, race, sex, color, religion, national origin, disability, or any other applicable status

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19 Vergangenheit – Präteritum Theorie Learning Target
Vergangenheit – Präteritum Theorie © Thomas Höfler 2005 – 2009 1 learning target Aim of this section is to learn the second way to speak about past events.

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20 El Pasado Simple Y El Pasado Continuo
www.academiacae.com – info academiacae.com – 91.501.36.88 – 28007 Madrid 2. Complete the sentences using past simple or past continuous of

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21 Tenses 1. Put The Verb Into The Correct Form, Present ...
1 TENSES 1. Put the verb into the correct form, present simple (I do), present continuous (I am doing), past simple (I did) or past continuous (I was doing).

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22 Our Past Through Film - Bbc
OUR PAST THROUGH FILM Watching old footage helps us to learn more about what life was like in the past, and it can also help us access our own memories.

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23 The 30-day Green Smoothie
by jadah sellner + jen hansard • simplegreensmoothies.com challenge green smoothie green smoothie the 30-day

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